Adaptive Media Delivery

The Adaptive Media Delivery is a solution for streaming that provides a viewing experience by adapting the bit rate (bps) to the best quality of the different networks available, whether they are fixed fiber optic networks or other technologies, and 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks.

Our system securely distributes live and on-demand multimedia content based on HTTP / HTTPS / Web protocol, supporting HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Common Media Application Format.

Download Delivery

Download Delivery is our high performance and reliable solution for distributing content in the form of files on the Internet, optimized for large files (over 100 MB) and is integrated into our worldwide CDN system to provide reliability, scalability and performance.

This service offers a predictable, high-quality download experience as you achieve your online distribution goals, all with clear and easy metrics, plus tools to manage the entire download process.

Media Services Live

You can now reduce the differences between traditional live broadcasts and live stellar broadcasts thanks to our control system.

We have designed our platform to coordinate and deliver the same level of broadcast quality on any digital platform, whether it is a digital native broadcast or an analog converted to digital.

Multimedia distribution begins at the edge of the Internet.