Over the Top (OTT)

We offer you one of the most advanced ways to work Over the Top (OTT) with the greatest possible flexibility.

Our most advanced and fast platform in the market and be able to deploy it in a very short period of time. You can broadcast your TV channels live directly from the website. In a few minutes and with very little configuration you can start the broadcast.

Video encoding

With our easy pricing, you are only charged for what you use. Not for data ingestion, nor for interconnections, nor for database searches. In short, you won’t be charged a dollar.

You will be charged per minute of video on each output. The per-minute rate varies according to the resolution of the output. The duration of each output is calculated in one-second increments and then converted into fractional minutes to determine the total output load. For example, an output with a duration of 45 seconds would be 45/60, or 0.75 of a minute.

Our encoding service scales instantly. Forget about worrying about traffic spikes or downed servers. Our streaming platform adjusts to each of your video needs.

Content Monetization

Earn money from your videos and live broadcasts with our pay-per-view (PPV) service. It works with any broadcast, live or on demand, from events to concerts, we have a complete solution ready. Control who watches your content, how long and how much they pay, all from one source.

We have a very affordable and powerful PPV solution. You can start earning money immediately. You will receive immediate payments from viewers to your bank account.

Control who has access to an online event stream or a particular video. Authorize and restrict where content appears and in which countries it can or cannot be viewed.

Upload only one properly coded file and we will do the rest!