In live interactive broadcasts in any industry we have one element in common: that viewers interact with broadcasters, and there are three great proven systems that work, but there are many others, including live trading, sponsorships and donations.


Communities are much more about power than individual talent, and this is one of the reasons why people often belong to one or more communities with the intention of learning from each other.

Social Media

Social media requires both strategy and creativity, and while it can be overwhelming, the importance of social media cannot be overstated. 90% of advertisers use social media, and 75% of marketers achieve better business objectives.

Streaming Services

Thanks to our Adaptive Media Delivery and Download Delivery system you will be able to broadcast and download offering your users the right quality in each case. You can also use our Media Services Live to broadcast your TV content online in just a few steps.


Our hosting service does all the tasks automatically, being able to do the Video encoding automatically with the best quality, offering an OTT service and being able to monetize your contents very easily.


Our global CDN will distribute from all locations the contents in an easy, simple and automatic way so that the response times are immediate.


Set up in 2005, VTS Media is an actively growing company of young, ambitious and motivated IT professionals with the aim of creating truly innovative solutions in online security, broadcast, web acceleration and video streaming. We develop high-quality apps and services with up-to-date methods and technologies that offer limitless opportunities to your business.


Join our team of motivated professionals!

VTS Media is a team of highly skilled international IT professionals, each of whom is an expert in their field with great work experience.

They are joined by a highly professional group of product managers, brand and marketing professionals and legal consultants.

And we are constantly growing, which is why we always look for amazing new talent!

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